The Healing Retreat is the central work of the Pilgrim Center. During this 3-day experience participants are gently and intentionally led into the heart of reconciliation by a trained facilitation team. Stories are heard, the love of God re-introduced, and hope is miraculously restored, through the free gift that Jesus gave to the broken-hearted – His reconciling love that changes how we see ourselves and each other. It is transformative.

The work of the Pilgrim Center is the rebuilding of the Heart.

“This experience has been the most transformational experience of my life”.

“What unfolded was a profound and deeply moving experience. Within this group of beautiful people, there emerged a realization of how similar we all are with respect to the pains and joys of life, the hunger to love and be loved, and the need for the nourishment of our daily spiritual bread through Christ. I will take all that I felt, experienced, and learned, and do my best, to apply God’s love to others through the power of His ministry. Thank you all for bringing your love for Christ to others.”

-Lori Werch, Retreat Participant



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