Our Work

To bring hope and healing


The Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation (PCR) is a Minnesota based, nonprofit, nondenominational, frontline ministry organization founded in 1995 by Rev. Dr. Arthur Rouner, Jr. and Molly Safford Rouner. Our unique approach to reconciliation was first developed in Rwanda and neighboring Burundi in the aftermath of the genocide as a way to rebuild trust in individuals and communities that were shattered. Over the past 20 years we have extended this work of reconciliation to multiple countries in Africa as well as many diverse communities here in the US.

The Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation is:

  1. Revitalizing individuals by:
    • Creating safe spaces where individuals can experience hope and their true identity as beloved children of God.

    • Gently inviting people to experience deeper intimacy with God, themselves, and others.

  2. Restoring relationships by: 
    • Graciously inviting individuals to repentance, forgiveness, and healing relational conflicts through the cross of Jesus Christ.

    • Coming alongside individuals as they experience the deep work of healing personal and relational brokenness.

  3. Renewing communities by:
    • Empowering and releasing individuals and groups to serve their communities as ambassadors of reconciliation.

    • Rebuilding trust and strengthening the social fabric of their community.

The Pilgrim Center does:

  1. Presence: Lovingly being present with people where they are, patiently and tenderly listening to their hearts.
  2. Healing retreats: Providing opportunities for groups of individuals to come away to rest, refresh, and receive the healing ministry of reconciliation.
  3. Equipping: Developing follow-up tools for individuals and groups of leaders who have participated in the ministry of PCR so they can extend the ministry of reconciliation.
  4. Training: Mentoring individuals and groups of leaders nationally and internationally who will multiply the ministry of PCR.
  5. Partnerships: Growing organic connections with individuals and organizations who share compatible values and goals.
  6. Resourcing: Increasing the capacity of PCR to provide resources and support to other interested individuals and organizations pursuing the work of peace and reconciliation.
  7. Prophetic Witness: Standing and speaking the truth in love in places of historic and contemporary conflict and pain.