It was very early morning. Our room in one of the few functioning hotels in Rwanda had a small balcony. Molly stood there a long time, looking out into the morning mist of Rwanda. “On that first day”, she confessed, “I stared at the beautiful hills of Rwanda, that had such devastating evil in the awful killing time, and I asked God over and over, why have you brought me to this place? I have no skills, no expertise to help these people. And He said to me then and repeatedly in the month that followed, “I have brought you here to go to your knees before them, to ask the forgiveness of these people for what your own people of the West did, to divide them from each other.”

In the days that followed, some thirty people from the Tutsi and Hutu staff of the Protestant Council of Churches of Rwanda gathered, and she did just that. She pulled out a chair, placed it in the center of the room, bowed down, and knelt at the chair, waiting for the stunned circle to come. One by one they began to surround her, lay hands on her, and prayed for her…the very forgiveness she had asked.

Something strange and wonderful happened by the power of the Spirit. A hand of healing touched that whole company through a simple heart felt action of confession and repentance.

After the genocide, there were plenty of ideas of what reconciliation was, and people from the West were pouring in to conduct seminars ad workshops, lectures, and teaching on reconciliation. Suddenly there was another answer. The way into the heart was not through information or explanation – what was needed was to find a way for the experience of healing to happen.

This was the beginning of our call to be reconcilers.

“They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated: they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”

Isaiah 61:4